Monday, 12 June 2017

My itinerary to SEOUL & BUSAN

March 2017

One month before I went to South Korea, I was so desperately worried that what if this, what if that, what if I couldn't get the visa and my days to Korea were just in the corner. I was so nervous T.T
because I had booked the flight tickets, accommodations, and tour.

Finally I received the visa just 1 day before my flight huhuhu.. My flight was on 13th March, and I got my visa on 11th March

Those bitterness finally went off, and I went to South Korea for REAL !!! O.M.G everything just went too fast T.T even until know I am still thinking that everything was a dream lol.

I knew I sounded exaggerated lol but solo trip had been always be my dream. I encourage everyone to try solo travel for at least once in a life. At least I got addicted to travel alone and I am going to do so every year on my birthday I wish kkkkk...

One of my reason to travel alone was also to train myself more independently. I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it and stop relying to others, moreover I really enjoyed being surrounded with unfamiliar places and random people. So, one week before my vacation, I worked hard to list down my itinerary. I have never been to Seoul nor Busan. Both cities are strangers yet familiar to me.

I am happy that I visited almost everywhere I listed through out the journey. I am also glad that I met my Korean friends and some random people that came from other side of the worlds. Gladly the people I met during the trip were kind and friendly. Especially my Korean friends as they were all ready to help me through in and out.

In total I had spent 17 days in Seoul and 8 days in Busan. I know, I am super grateful and thankful. Thank you God for fulfil my dream, thank you universe, thank you K, thank you everyone.

Below are the itinerary I made, stated the places I wanted to visit and how to go.

Download this image for own reference, I personally marked the places that I would go. Or else u may download "KAKAOmap" so it would be easy to get u travel on subway. "MAPs.ME" for offline map, navigation, and road route planner. I personally rented a wifi pocket so "google map" was perfect for me because I prefer everything to be instant.






DAY 7 & 8


DAY 10 & 11

DAY 12

DAY 13
DAY 14


DAY 16

DAY 17

DAY 18

DAY 19

DAY 20 & 21

Totally I spent 25days in South Korea and you may follow my Instagram at "bellamarinda" to where did I go despite I lost some photos that stored on my phone. & youtube ^^

If any go you happen to follow my itinerary, please fell me to tag me of your photo during the trip^^

Have a nice day