Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ladies night II

Here come the post of wed 110712.03 when the club St. James the Power house station is on Ladies night on every wednesday's night..

To be honest,this is my second time to go there actually.. I admit la I have wanted to go n experience once in my life lol Siao..

Hm,, I think there was quite fun yet bit of complicated la.. n also very crowded n pack where no where for u to squeeze like that la It's too excessive lo..

In there nobody would care ur business lo is like who care u haha but make sure u r not underage ok please..

If there's a opportunity,I still would like to go haha but one thing I hate is the feeling when going back..

Just because I hate to go home late cz I always feel very sleepy n oso I hate to remove make up at super late night cz It's really a tough job for me -,-"

I'm a person who care for my skin a lot, especially my face.. it just like a precious to me.. u know y? Because I need my face to face everything!!!! Haha

Ok next time,who r free please feel free to jio me ok?? :D

Oya I didn't take many pics cz the situation there was rather dimmer n my ph is weak when come to dim so u know la..haha

After clubbing,we left at 2am+ n went to have supper Satay

Then take cab home lo after that n sleepy.. the next day,woke up at abt 10+am..hehe

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

All girls hobbies "Camho"

I think I got good mood yesterday haha cz I took a lot of photo of myself..

One of my reason is mainly because I'm wearing new contact lens n trying on my new camera360..

I downloaded long time ago but onli yesterday n I fell in love with :X especially the Magic Skin effect..omg it make my skin super smooth haha although my skin has already good la..but huhu u must try out urself..

Beside from that,there r also other cute effect to make ur photo look better n cute n fun..

Oya there's a effect called ghost ??? I used it to lie my friends haha.. I told them see I nv edit ok.. see I can show u again n take the picture again in front of them.. lol..

Here some picture of mine..

Above r taken from the effect Magic Skin

This from the effect Dreamlike

These from Light Colour

That's all..good luck..
Every day is awesome to me n this is just a short story of mine..

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shabu Sushi Buffet (不肥)

It's all about yesterday dinner.. I went there with bf n his mum n sis.. we went there at about evening time n we were waiting for quite long before we were served to seat..

See a lot rite??? But when I went in,I was like hmm -,-" sushi is limited choice..

They onli display like 5 types of sushi haiz..

But still ok la.. hehe


My fav Yam ice cream..

Oya u don't think that It is a buffet so u can just take as many food as u want coz they will charge for foods that r being wasted..

I saw the weight tool ler..
The overall is still edible n this restaurant is Halal..

Good luckk <3

Pic of myself to sign off..

Goin to bath...arggg I'm late..
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Friday, 6 July 2012

Today's Dinner


_@Sakae Sushi_ ,
Today about evening time, I went to Bugis again since my last time went there is just yesterday lol haha..

First thing when I reached there, is to find foods to fill my hungry stomach coz (cz) I hadn't been eaten since breakfast n lunch..

Cz I'm a lazy person who will rather to suffer from hungry than to find food haha..


Thada my sushi


After dinner, I went to bugis streets to window shopping..haiz I use to walking around without buying anything lol cz I couldn't decide which one to buy haizz -.-"

But fortunately, I bought 2 tops just happy...It's rare ok..

That's my happy n stay positive ^,~
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Thursday, 5 July 2012

First Post


Today is my first time writing blog thru an app on my ph..

For a good beginning I just hope to be successful..

This my pic n hopefully I'll keep posting about my life...

Have a good Friday..
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